AKB'S x Superliga Campaign


Directed and produced by @_lyma.studio
Models: @francisackonn / @paucrecor / @sarayangs
Akiba's x Superliga LVP 01
We bring you the biggest collaboration we've ever done: AKB'S x Superliga LVP. It has been months of a lot of work in which we have had the collaboration of great professionals and artists who have made a brutal synergy with our team. We have been League of Legends players for years and we cannot be more excited to have been able to get a shirt for the LVP Superliga Summer Split and that they have trusted our quality and work to do it.

In the video campaign, we wanted to convey a story of our protagonist who teleports into the game and appears in the game with the Ultimate Tee. After a chase, he meets 2 more characters, who will be part of his team and fight to get the trophy. But once she wakes up, is she still in the game?
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