Daikokufuto Campaign


Photos, DoP and video: @hectorges
Models: @arnau_74 / @claraa.doyen / @bertatuset / @carlatuset
Nissan Skyline & Silvia cars owner: @mister.skidz
Pieces from Japan shop: @shakotan.shop 
Thanks to @visualkorner
Daikokufuto Parking Area (大黒パーキングエリア) - "The Temple of Speed"
In this drop we are set in Daikokufuto Parking Area, oh...what a place. Mass car rallies, incredible aftermarket modification cars (the best you'll ever see) and people who love drifting. After all, Japan is the origin of that. 
That's where you can find Saori. She is a free soul with a passion for challenges. Not a day goes by that she doesn't challenge her limits and those of her car, a green Nissan Skyline. But her favorite moment, drifting - not about setting the best time, or being the fastest in top speed - just that moment of adrenaline rush making her car 'dance'. Few are those who have tried to reach her, would you?

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