NATSU Campaign


Natsu Drop Campaign

Photographer: @hectorges
Video: @iankopive
Assist.: @eli_carreras @yeker3
Art Direction/Style: @crissantosg
Models: @axeltorra @julietters_
Dog: @la.pandi.mandi
Special thanks: @elenaasm @david_souldc

After meeting in Akihabara and once the classes were over, Natsuki and Arashi decide to go to the outskirts of Tokyo to connect with nature.

Summer breeze, tangled hair, golden spike, crickets sound, blue sky...nor where them aware this trip could mark a new beginning.

During this time they observed incredible sunsets, and they realized how important it is to live in the moment and to look at everything always as though they were seeing it either for the first or last time.

In the end, they actually got lost to discover themselves and to connect with each other. An experience they will never forget.


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