Yoku Drop Campaign

Cats are a symbol of good luck in Japan. They have always accompanied us in lots of animes like Inuyasha, Doraemon, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, etc. For all of them, we have dedicated a drop.

In the design, we wanted to include part of the brand name with Japanese letters and we chose 'Night'. While we draw the face, we did a lot of testing with the shape of the eyes. In one of them, when we used the color yellow we realized that the shape of the iris looked like a moon and I loved it so I could connect it with the message of 'Night', since cats have a very nocturnal side. Then I added the mustaches with three lines to simulate as if it were a patch sewn to the clothes, to give it a more fashionable touch.

We have printed this design in embroidery. It's the first time we've done it on clothing and we love the result. The fabric is very elastic and quality produced in Italy, with a special worn touch.

Once we had the clothes, we shot a session with analog and digital photography on a set with a chocolate brown background with two brutal models, and two kittens!


Photo & Film: @hectorges
Models: @may_tobias18 // @ainhoaalze__
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