Find me in Tokyo Campaign


Photos by: @hectorges
Ph. Assist.: @laragess / @eli.carreras
Make up: @emp.makeupart
Stylist: @crissantosg
DoP and Cinem.: @paul.levit
Art Director: @elenarichart
Art Assist.: @yeker3
Models: @isiidoraa__ / @ariesvlencia / @sarayangs / @aleshmoves
Studio: @1_2studio
Thanks to  @visualkorner

Since we cannot go to Tokyo, we will bring it to you.
A campaign totally inspired by travel, in that way of life of discovery and adventure, of taking a map and getting lost in the streets of a city.

The story of our two main characters, Akane and Hikaru, is about two people with the same decision: to leave the city to disconnect. They decide to go away each on their own for a few days and end up meeting by chance in Kyoto, exactly at the Heian-Jingu temple.

After spending a day together, they decide that they want to keep getting to know each other as soon as they get back from their getaway and that's why Akane whispers in Hikaru's ear “find me in Tokyo”.