Colección: Guntai Essentials Drop

Lifelong childhood friends, Kiwa and Takeru spent their afternoons playing together pretending to be secret agents.

They never got tired. One day, Kiwa's family decided to move to a far away town and they had to part ways thinking they would never see each other again.And so it was, until 10 years later, to his surprise, Kiwa would never have imagined that he would see Takeru again through a peephole.

In the middle of a secret mission of the newly produced immersive videogame 'Akiba's Guntai', Kiwa was a shot of 800 meters away from achieving the final objective. 

But when he realized it was Takeru, she stopped and he suddenly disappeared.

Quickly seeking a new position they came face to face and Takeru, instead of shooting her, gave her a gas mask and took her hand.

They went into a sewer and suddenly a new mission appeared in Kiwa's view. Together they achieved the highest score achieved so far.

Without even being able to speak, the videogame disconnected after completing the mission and they returned to reality. Now they needed to achieve a much bigger mission, to find themselves in the real world.